How stressed are you?

Are your current IT service tools overwhelming you?

The stress test

For many organisations, delivering IT services to users internally is just way too stressful. Does this sound familiar? ServiceNow has created an interactive ‘stress test’ to help you diagnose what’s causing the biggest headaches at work, and figure out how to transform IT from the repetitive – to the innovative.

Question one How old is your current
IT service management system?

Few years old Nearing retirement Prehistoric

Question two What amount of time in your
typical day at work is spent
on these activities?

(Move slider to indicate percentage spent on each task)
  • 0%
    Prioritising or actioning requests that come into the IT help desk
  • 0%
    Doing manual repetitive tasks over and over
  • 0%
    Fixing broken or malfunctioning things
  • 0%
    Devising or implementing innovative ideas to progress your organisation

Question three Is the cost of your current IT service management system too high and holding you back?

Question four How frustrating is it using email to complete tasks like IT support, purchase orders, or employee onboarding?

1 2 3 4 Not frustrating Very frustrating

Question five Which improvements would you like
to see around your IT service management system?

(Select one or more)

Your results

You’re acing it!
Are you ready to take on more?

Congrats, it’s great to see you’re fairly productive and you probably produce good metrics when it comes to the IT services you deliver to your organisation. But we want you to do even better – to accelerate business innovation at work, to take full advantage of cloud-based ITSM and its ROI potential, and to use a service-orientated lens that modernises your environment and transforms the entire joint.

You're handling it.
(But need our help)

It’s nice to see you’re holding it together without pulling out all your hair... just yet. But work could certainly be a lot more productive and interesting. Would you like to know how to automate all those redundant IT tasks? How to make innovation a bigger priority? How to help your business see IT as more relevant and critical?

Woah! You're
stressed to the max!

Don’t panic – we’re here to help. A cloud-based ITSM system from ServiceNow can take you from being overwhelmed by user requests, to having the time to be more proactive, productive and – heaven forbid – innovative for your business. Just like IT was meant to be.

End service
Management stress

Welcome to the cloud-based Service Management
platform from ServiceNow.

There’s a better, easier way for IT to service your business. It’s time to elevate the role of IT from technology custodian to business accelerator. ServiceNow gives you the opportunity to move away from purely fixing what’s broken and getting overwhelmed with user requests. Instead, we allow you to focus on proactive ways to improve your organisation.

  • Service Cloud

    It's all in the cloud

    Get up and running simply and quickly. Check out our “Go Live” cakes from around the world. Stay assured on data sovereignty with our Australian-based data centres.

  • Piggy Bank

    In good company

    Join our many happy customers enjoying great service and support including Australia's Bupa, Service NSW, and Fairfax.

  • Clock

    A faster, better ROI

    Our customers pay off their investment within 8 months on average, with an average five-year ROI of up to 449%. Learn more here.

  • Communication

    The end of email

    A shared cloud service can replace email, calls and spreadsheets, automating processes across IT, marketing, legal, and finance to save time and money. Learn more here.


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